Crypto exchange plugin installation - ExchangePlus

Crypto exchange plugin installation

Expand the capabilities of your cryptocurrency exchange

What’s included in the service:

Deploying the plugin in your CMS (WordPress)
Connecting online cryptocurrency courses
One-time setup of commission data according to your requirements
Customization of styles to match your cryptocurrency exchange design
Providing instructions on how to work with the plugin

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The cost of plugin installation

~ 300 $

The cost of services individually



Server support


Website technical support


Development of referral programs


Turnkey customer support



Quick solution
Professional support
Everything you need in one place

Why choose us?


Own efforts

Our solution

Experience and knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency exchange

Providing a ready-made and convenient solution

Guaranteed successful deployment of the module

Successful connection of courses

Successful customization of styles

Quickly responding support service in case of questions or issues

Assistance in development and scaling

Guaranteed security of transactions for your customers

Our company offers a service for installing a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange module for cryptocurrency exchanges. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in this field and provides high-quality solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges of all sizes.

Installing our ready-made cryptocurrency exchange module will give your business a significant advantage in the market. Our module provides fast and reliable cryptocurrency exchange for your customers, ensuring security and data protection.

We guarantee a quick and easy installation of our ready-made cryptocurrency exchange module, which includes all the necessary features for cryptocurrency exchange, including automatic exchange rate calculation and many other options. Our service is available at a competitive price, and we are ready to help you install the module in the shortest possible time.
Don’t miss the opportunity to expand your business with our service for installing a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange module for cryptocurrency exchanges. Contact us now to get a free consultation and learn more about our services.

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